20 Aug/30 Sept 04
Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake
Salvage Biology series ~ A. carbonerensis

The working title for this piece has been and still is "the Belly of the Beauty”. It keeps right on working. The cycle is constant motion.

Pushed by a small pump the floating jars may distract when viewed from a distance. But once you pass the threshold...

The decision is yours and not mine. You see what you see.

If you want and can please tell me what you see. Tracy Hicks

Light changes, its here and then gone. Even North light changes. Daylight gives way to the dark. Who in turn gives way to the morning light. The cycle continues so subtly that we rarely perceive the glow of change. We see it. We just fail to accept what we see. Like a president who believes an exit strategy is accepting failure.

Installations are snap shots in time. The have a life that is there for the duration of the show or the cycle of its life. If it does kick up some dust so much the better. Stepping back and looking at it from the side you can see it is not smoke and mirrors.

I miss them when they are away.

20 August 04

Tracy Hicks
223 North Shore
Dallas, TX